‘Finalists’ Category

28 Apr 2016

1. Janani Baskaran

1) Janani Baskaran Age: 18 years old Height: 165cm State : Kuala Lumpur Janani is a student at Sunway College, and a highly dedicated sportswoman having won many medals in Marathons, track, and field events. She also has a strong involvement in charitable works. She is also an accomplished pianist, and has been involved in... (more)

27 Apr 2016

2. Tan Hui Ling

2) Tan Hui Ling Age: 25 years old Height: 164cm State: Johor Tan Hui Ling was a straight A’s student and Associated Board of The Royal School of Music Grade 8 Pianist. She went on to pursue her passion for design in the National University of Singapore (NUS) and graduated with Bachelor of Architecture. She... (more)

26 Apr 2016

3. Marissa Ong

3) Marissa Ong Age: 17 by July 2016 Height: 167cm State : Melaka Marissa is a young student, but also a very ambitious young lady. Her cousins are already beauty queens, and Marissa would love join their ranks, and to prove that in spite of her age she, too, can make a valuable contribution to... (more)

25 Apr 2016

4. Jessica Lim

4) Jessica Lim Age: 24 years old Height: 167cm State : Selangor Jessica graduated in Melbourne, Australia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design, and now works as an Executive PA for her family business. She believes winning the title will set a gain her great experience and exposure, while providing a good example for... (more)

24 Apr 2016

5. Janice Tan

5) Janice Tan Age: 19 years old Height: 170cm State: Labuan Janice is a hardworking student and freelance model. She recently won an International Pageant, proudly bringing home the Crown for Malaysia. She truly believes and exemplifies the fact that having the right attitude makes her a Winner – anywhere and everywhere she goes. She... (more)

23 Apr 2016

6. Shweta Sekhon

6) Shweta Sekhon Age: 19 years old Height: 171cm State : Kuala Lumpur Shweta is a busy and popular student. Her greatest wish is to make her single mother as proud of her achievements as she is of her mother, the ultimate being to bring back the Miss Malaysia Crown. She is committed and dedicated... (more)

21 Apr 2016

7. Loo Liu Yan

7) Loo Liu Yan (Yuvin) Age – 19 years old Height: 170cm State: Penang Loo Liu Yan is a dedicated student currently studying for a Diploma in Accounting in Penang. She is also a Freelance Model She already has some experience of beauty pageants, but is now aiming higher with the more elevated platform of... (more)

20 Apr 2016

8. Dr Ranmeet Jassal

8) Dr Ranmeet Jassal Age: 24 years old Height: 173cm State : Kuala Lumpur Ranmeet is a qualified 1st class Honours Medical Doctor who graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, in India. After a year of houseman training in India, she is now in Malaysia to start her medical practice as a house... (more)

20 Apr 2016

9. Tatiana Kumar

9) Tatiana Kumar Age: 18 Height: 176cm State : Kuala Lumpur Tatiana is the daughter of a French Mother; has studied French since childhood, and is now at a French International School, which enables her to connect more with her mother’s language and the richness of her cultural heritage. Her father, on the other hand,... (more)

19 Apr 2016

10. Francisca Luhong James

10) Francisca Luhong James Age: 20 years old Height: 178cm State : Sarawak Francisca is a student of Mass Communication & Media, majoring in Public Relations. As her family has a strong Christian Faith, she, too, shares the high morals she was brought up to understand, and values the important grounding Christianity has given her.... (more)