3. Marissa Ong



3) Marissa Ong

Age: 17 by July 2016

Height: 167cm

State : Melaka

Marissa is a young student, but also a very ambitious young lady.

Her cousins are already beauty queens, and Marissa would love join their ranks, and to prove that in spite of her age she, too, can make a valuable contribution to her nation by being an inspiration to others.

She believes that no matter what age one is, there is always scope for doing productive work in, and for, the community.

She is a passionate supporter of Beauty with a Purpose, and would love to show the world and her nation in particular, what that means in practical terms.

Photography by : Vision Studio
Black top photography by : JS Studio

Gown by : Wishkey
Make up : Sense & Style Academy
Hair : Kimarie hairdressing team


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