9. Tatiana Kumar



9) Tatiana Kumar

Age: 18

Height: 176cm

State : Kuala Lumpur

Tatiana is the daughter of a French Mother; has studied French since childhood, and is now at a French International School, which enables her to connect more with her mother’s language and the richness of her cultural heritage. Her father, on the other hand, is a Malaysian Indian, so she has much to draw from and learn about this other cultural element of her identity. She is fortunate to have inherited her fashion model mother’s lithe body and stunning looks; and her great talent for dancing from her father.

In spite of her youth Tatiana is well travelled and, having experienced many other countries, she has a burning ambition to work for the United Nations, or any organization that benefits underprivileged children. This aim guides and directs her course in life, determining which studies would best support that end. She is also a sporty girl excelling in every test she sets herself; and achieved the highest level of tap dance, which she has enjoyed from the age of 6.

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