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26 Apr 2016

3. Marissa Ong

3) Marissa Ong Age: 17 by July 2016 Height: 167cm State : Melaka Marissa is a young student, but also a very ambitious young lady. Her cousins are already beauty queens, and Marissa would love join their ranks, and to prove that in spite of her age she, too, can make a valuable contribution to... (more)

21 Apr 2016

7. Loo Liu Yan

7) Loo Liu Yan (Yuvin) Age – 19 years old Height: 170cm State: Penang Loo Liu Yan is a dedicated student currently studying for a Diploma in Accounting in Penang. She is also a Freelance Model She already has some experience of beauty pageants, but is now aiming higher with the more elevated platform of... (more)

23 Mar 2016

Wacoal Malaysia


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